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    Stephen Lesavich PHD

    Certified Life & Business coach

    Best Selling Author

    Professional Energy Clearer

    Business Attorney

    Who am I?

    Hi I’m Stephen Lesavich. I’m a solution-focused life and business coach. I have a PhD degree in computer science and a JD (law) degree.  As an attorney in private practice I consider myself a soul-preneur.

    Some of the coaching certifications I have obtained include;

    • Law of Attraction Life Coach
    • Master Intuitive Coach®
    • IN-VIZION® Coaching Practitioner
    • Six Sensory Teacher 
    • Professional Clearer®
    • Soul Detective
    • Ho’oponopono Practitioner
    • as well as a number of certifications as an athletic coach.

    My personally developed

    3 > 2™ coaching modality

    is based on a person's life arcs and a mix of several different types of coaching modalities which focus on supporting clients with co-creation & manifesting the life they truly desire.

    Having been recognized as a best-selling and award-winning author I find joy in writing my weekly column & recording my weekly podcast called, Out There on the Edge of Everything ® that is available on all the major podcast providers.

    What you will learn..

    • Become mindful that what you send out as an energetic frequency and vibration is what you attract back into your life.
    • Co-create with the universe & allow it to work its magic for you based on the numbers 3,6,9.
    • Manifestation techniques used by Nikola Tesla, one of the most influential and brilliant scientists of all time.